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The Institute of Applied Siddha Science is a Traditional Siddha Research and Development Centre undertaken by Council for Applied Siddha, the non-profit organization founded for Siddha Practitioners around the world. Siddha Institute formed for represents and supports the Traditional Siddha Practitioners on key issues including education, training, career, research and clinical standards. Our aim is to foster Siddha Vaidyam by bringing together the ancient secrets from palm leaf manuscript with the help of knowledgeable and honest Traditional Siddha Physicians.

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Siddha The Sage of Tradition
The Council encompasses many groups located across the India and overseas known as faculties. These are semi-autonomous units that provide local support and services for Siddha Physicians, including educational events, training and personal development services. ..
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  Institute of Applied Siddha Science
Institute of Applied Siddha Science
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